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650 h1. Clutch, wet clutch noise?

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Hey, was out plowing snow yesterday and a noise started to come from what I thought was the primary clutch, I removed it and inspected all the rollers , dampers and splines, everything was good. Noise goes away when I'm on the gas but starts up again idling.

Possible one way bearing or wet clutch gone? Will post video in a few mins
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That sounds like the one way bearing to me. My wifes 700 did the same thing. The remedy from Cat was to remove the bearing and leave it out. It's a little bit of a messy job but one without any surprises. You can leave the motor in the frame, pull off both clutches and split that side of the case off pretty easy, its nicely laid out in the service manual that you can download off of the CountryCat website.
thanks, took the case off today and sure enough the one way bearing spins both directions. also noticed a little bit of heat damage to the drum but not enough to replace that yet
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