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580 Pantera Injection / EFI / ECM Questions

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Background story: I picked up a couple of sleds from a dealer that was going out of business, one was a Skidoo MXZ (carb model) the other is a 1998 ( i believe) Arctic Cat Pantera EFI ( I believe it is the battery required style, as my ECM is aluminum and sitting directly above the battery location). I sorta bought them sight unseen and finally am getting around to working on them. i lifted the lid on the pantera and immediately see a diagnosis tag from when their tech evaluated it before they closed the doors.... it said

"tank empty, no spark, motor free, bad brain box"

I assumed a couple of items, #1 that someone had brought it to them and had them determin it was going to cost more than what they wanted to spend, so they abandoned it there, so they drained the fuel, and threw it in the back of the shop, & #2 the no spark gave them the idea it needed a new box.

I bought a replacement ECM used off ebay that matched the ECM that was in the unit "3005-040" with a BIG 605 on the top. I installed the new ecm (completely plug and play), threw a battery in it and it has spark!

I then cleaned the tank quick, and threw some fuel into it, i pulled the fuel return line off to make sure that i didnt have a huge air pocket in the rail, and fuel came pouring out when i cycled the ignition ( which is a great sign because then that means i have fuel to the rail).

I tried to turn it over and i didnt even get a pop... nothing, just cranking endlessly

I then threw some brake cleaner into the intake boot and it ran until the cleaner finally ran out. i did this a couple more times, thinking that maybe my injectors were just stuck and needed some good revolutions to get going again, but to no avail.

I pulled my fuel rail and turn the motor over while holding the injectors to the rail... there is PLENTY of pressure... but not even a dribble coming out of either injector, let alone a spray.

So the question is basically, what controls the injectors, i have heard that there is a injector rectifier that handles the 12V constant power, and then the ECM controls the ground based on timing? I dont think it is a timing issue, as they would still spray ( just not at the correct time?).

The fuse block claims that the fuel pump is ran on the same fuse as the Fuel injector system, and with my fuel pump working properly i would assume that i have 12V at the injectors? I can confirm this later.

I downloaded the 1990-1998 manual, however the ECM plugs that are in the manual for testing the injectors are not the same as what i have on the bottom of my 3005-040 ECM ( the one in the manual says there is 2 plugs ( one smaller than the other) and that i should be testing ground wires on the smaller plug to test injector function) but the ECM that i have has ONE long plug with a push/sliding style locking mechanism to hold it in place( maybe i have the wrong year?)


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