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Glad to see she wasn't hurt seriously, the machine can always be fixed or replaced.
It really does make you stop and think when something like this happens.....

I had a bad situation Friday evening where I was coming down the road back to the house and I decided to cut into the field across the street and see how bad our cut through in a hedge row was grown in as we didn't use it last year due to lack of snow.

Just as I turned into the ditch the next thing I know I got the handle bars locked and I'm thrown off the sled, seems somebody put an 18 drain pipe in the culvert over the summer and my ski went right in it, fortunately I was only going 4-5 mph when it happened.

If I would have been going faster I would have been seriously hurt.
Looks like the sled is ok, just a cut in the ski...

Corey, good snow here east of Rochester, trails are in really good shape and groomed.

We have had a couple feet or more in the past week...
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