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2022 Alterra 600 EPS Racheting noise?

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Wonder if anyone experienced like a ratcheting noise/rattling noise when moving or not moving? It has happened 2 times. I only have about 130 miles on it. Warranty just ran out of course. Doesn't sound like engine area, more like clutch area/transmission area. I figured these new clutches were bulletproof. When it makes the noise all you need to do is shut it off, restart and it is gone. Everything works perfect, shifts great, rides awesome. It only happens randomly. The last time it happened before the other day, was last summer for a few seconds. Everything seems to work normally. Anyone else experience this? Any ideas?
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If it sounds like this alot of people have said its normal and theirs sounds like this also. One thing to consider is somebody said it was their clutch making the noise.
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