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2021 alterra 700 trv tire upgrade to 30"

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I almost sunk my machine up north on a trail. (Ontario Canada) Now that my warranty is up I added a pvc snorkel I don't really mud but more for a visual and a rad relocate( I've over heated on a trail due to clogged rad)

I have a clutch kit in the mail for 28" + Tires. I'm thinking 30s, just to sit a little higher than my buddies outlander.

Anyone do this? I'm wondering how high I'm going to have to lift it, and wheel spacers.

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Nice !
More important than lifting will be the tires that you end up with. Those stock tires belong on a golf cart, not an ATV. Example: I've run 30"Mudzillas on my 700 Diesel TRV {sucked} switched to 28" MST's , was a huge improvement. It's not all about huge diameter mud tires, imho. For me the MST's were great all around= Mud , Snow and Trail.
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30's will make a 700 engine perform like a 300. 28's to 30 only add 1 inch of clearance also. I have no idea if they make a lift kit for your machine. I dont go with larger tires anymore, I did that once and regretted it. It was on a 500 auto. 25's to 27 inch tires. That made the machine gutless so I sold the 27's and went back to a 25 inch tire. I have the stock tires on my 2017 Alterra 700 XT. They do the job for me just fine. In fact I like them a lot. I trail ride, no mud at all. In the winter they do fine in snow. I have found that aggressive mud tires in deep snow like to wheel hop and thats not good on the drive train at all. The stockers spin and spin but they get thru it. Atv's with large tires can opt to run in low range, but there isnt a low range in reverse, just forward. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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