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I have a 2017 m6000 and have had a lot of issues. Crank seal replaced, exhaust valve cables replaced, computer and wiring harness replaced. Now sled will go through periods where it bogs and runs like crap. When grabbing some throttle it bogs on uptake. This then stops and sled runs good for a bit. After talking to dealer unhooked throttle safety (new switch last repair) seemed better but still like above but longer time between boggy condition. No snow near dealer so he doesn’t want to take the sled as he said he can’t diagnose. 8 hour drive from a dealer that has snow. They had the sled after crank seal replaced and found issues with power valve adjustment and also noted sled didn’t have the high altitude kit replaced. Not sure if I can get the sled to them befor warrenty ends. Any suggestions?
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