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I purchased the ZR used last spring. Poor winter here in Michigan not much riding. I have ran it about 250 miles since purchase. The sled has 4800 miles on it. This past summer installed CVTech primary clutch also went through everything and replaced, cleaned or adjusted. Felt sled ready to go? Last weekend in Munising MI. Put on 200 miles in poor conditions rough, warm, melting! The sled suffers from hard starting cold engine or hot. The ZR has pull start. Occasionally a bog right off idle. Rough idle and engine vibration at idle. Also destroyed a drive belt when wide open. The ZR is also depositing a pool of two stroke oil in the intake duct between air box and throttle bodies. I was able to ride all weekend never stranding me. Let me know what your thoughts are. I am thinking reed valves need replacement? I have received no codes or lights on my Speedo. Local shop convinced me on CVTech clutch over AC clutch rebuild due to better performance and belt longevity.
Garage heated up and weekend ZR attention.

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I'm with @JakeWiederin on the runnability issues.
The oil in airbox is likely a check valve that is allowing flow when it sits.
The belt may be a symptom of the clutching setup. Did you see wonky rpms at high speed? Long belt life isn't always a guarantee, but look for signs of clutches/belt slipping.
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