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I was looking at online parts fiche... and came across the listing for this model ... 2016 M8000 HARDCORE LTD in both a 153 and a 162. Never heard of it. Can't find much on it except for a video that isn't in English. Was it an over-seas model ??

SOOO... as I'm watching the video (not understanding a word being said), I come across a couple interesting things ...

1) at 0:23-0:25 ... they pan up the front left corner of the sled. You can see a Ctec2 sticker and just as they get to the hood section, you can see the start of the engine size... looks like it could be a 6... maybe an 8. Hard to tell. But since I don't see any other motor in this model except for an 800..... HHMM.... I dunno

2) THEN at 0:38, they show the whole front of the sled.... showing it clearly says 8000 .... and you can still see the Ctec2 sticker tucked up by the A-arms..... HHHMMM .... what am I seeing .....:huh:

3) A 1:19 they jump to the console and gauge area and clearly show the "new" digital gauge like the 6000 series sleds..... again, I can only find this HARDCORE LTD listed as an 800.... even on Cat's parts fiche..... even MORE HHHHMMMMM .... :wacko:

Now to burst your bubble on this being proof of the 800 Ctec2...... at 2:44 they show another front view.... and this time it clearly shows a 6000 on the hood .... DAMN !!!! I was thinking I found something ..... :Bangin:

I guess with the extremely slow release of the parts fiches this season, they just don't have all the models out yet. SO.... Cat made a 2016 M HARDCORE LTD that I'm betting most didn't even know about.........

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