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2016 Bearcat XT 7000

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Hi everyone.
I'm new to this 2016 Bearcat xt 7000. Does anyone know if a more powerful winch will bolt up. I'm looking at the Vevor 5200. It appears to be small in the pictures. It reads bolt pattern is 3.0x4.9". The stock winch is not enough for what I'm doing. Anyone have experience with upgrading the winch? Thank you.
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An upgrade is always good. Make sure bolt pattern is identical. Amperage draw may be higher on the bigger winch. Make sure your battery is up to the task.
Previous snapped the cable. I was told if a vehicle is really stuck then the weight of vehicle is at least 5x the weight it used to be on smooth level ground. Don't know how true that is. Previous owner snapped the cable. Winch is a Warn Vantage 3000. I'm looking at a Vevor 5200. . It should do the job. .
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