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So I was screaming across a lake about 85 recently. My sled suddenly lost power. I was able to coast it to a nearby landing where it just died and wouldn't start. Now won't run
About 3500miles. Took it apart I had almost a quart of oil in my hose that connects my turbo to my intercooler. My air filter is soaked. I cleaned everything, put it back together and nothing. I was under the assumption I may have over filled my oil even though I have done it many times and know how to properly fill it.
I took my oil fill cap off and when the sled turns over it appears to be filling with exhaust gas?
I checked compression and found around 30 to 40 psi both cylinders. Not good.
I have started ripping the maze of parts off and so far have found no smoking gun. I am down to the bare engine with the head still intact. I am thinking about taking the engine out all together to make it easier.
My question is two things.
1. Any thoughts as to what is broken?
2. Is it easier to just remove the engine at this point?
did you do a leakdown test?
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