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I have a 2013 F1100 Turbo new to me last season. Twice now, the float for the sending unit has gotten caught up and pinned to the bottom of the tank making it register empty. It seems to be getting caught on either the fuel line or the valve itself for the first pickup. The first time it happened, the nice folks at the Arctic Cat dealer in Pittsburg, NH were able to fish it out. The float itself is not "bad" and will float if allowed to. Unfortunately, it happened again at the end of last season and was kind of forgotten about until this season.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm afraid that it will just keep happening until it is properly dealt with.

How does the fuel system come out of the tank? Does it all pull out of the hole for the fuel pump? How are the pickups positioned/repositioned/secured inside the tank. What size job is it to mess with this?

Thanks in advance!
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