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You have to add rca type plug for shield to plug into. There is an accesory plug in the wiring harness .Been a few years since I hooked mine up but I think it runs along the aluminum spar above the battery. Typical AC female plug . I just mated an old male plug onto shield socket wire and it plugged right in. It is already fused through accesory fuse if I remember correctly.
I have only had issues(first year I had it) when I left sled during summer months with battery drain fr auto start. Now I simply either disconnect battery for summer storage(if its left in trailer ) or hook up my battery tender when I leave it in the garage. Simple 10 mil bolt to disconnect battery.

Great sled .

Rocket Couch is how I describe mine.

I jacked /studded and clutched mine and love it.
I came off a slightly (hehe) modded 99 ZRT 900 (yep 900) . Power is alot different than 2 stroke but a blast to ride.
6000 trouble free miles. It loves to cruise at 75-80 mph once it shifts out.2 belts fuzzed in 6000 miles and never (unless available fuel is only 89 oct) run below 225 hp on the Jacker.
Can run up to 240 hp on GOOD fresh 91 oct + 1/2 bottle of Lucas Oct boost.
I have gotten,when slightly misplaced in Northern NB ( lost in otherwords lol) 145 miles to a tank of fuel. Funny thing was next day when I filled up at the gas stn beside our hotel sled took 2 liters more fuel than tank is rated for . The phrase "running on fumes was certainly true that night.

Do a search on HCS under the handle EXT and you will see my clutching setup.
Its from 2010 but still there for all to read.
The clutching setup fr D&D for the EXT (slightly lighter) just didn't work. A blend of AC clutching and D&D setup is what worked best for me.
I run it primarily 1 up and we use it for the "pack Mule" when out on a multi day or week run. Lots of storage space.
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