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2010 M8 electrical?

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Hi all, I have a 2010 M8 that is baffling me a bit.
Back story, bought used, ran great, fuel leaked out the cap...found out the neck was cracked...common problem, no biggie. Replaced fuel tank, ran great. Parked it for the summer.
Fired up pretty easy in the fall to move it out and get it cleaned up, then come snow time, it was hard to start..dumped some fuel down the hole, fired and died multiple times, until it went. Ripped around the property a bit, all good.
Went to fire up again awhile later and no go...fuel down the hole, fire up and die.. on repeat...multiple times.. Lots of fresh fuel in the sled.
Read up what I could and thought, okay, maybe injectors stuck...accessed the rail and put 9v to the injectors...can hear them clicking open and closed. Fuel is in/to the rail.
When I pull the machine over, no blips on the dash whatsoever. When I pour fuel down the hole and it fires up, dash works as it should.
tether is bypassed, key is not. If I am not mistaken, it shouldn't even fire with fuel down the hole if key is shot?
Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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