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2007 Jaguar

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I am thinking of selling my nice 2006 Crossfire 6 and purchasing a 2007 Jaguar. Anybody out there drive a Jaguar yet? I heard rumors that and the new 2007 F Series are tippy. I cannot beleive that myself. I think a Ski-Doo guy made that up. But I was just curious on the Jaguar. Does it perform like they want us to beleive?



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I was told the same about the track, but if you look real close at the early build sleds they also had the 121. And I have no problems with the 121. The sled rides great. I bet the 128 also rides great from what I have heard. look at the other sleds that are still using the 121 and people like those ok.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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