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Hello guys. I have a fusterating problem with my 2007 crossfire 800.
I drove the snowmobile fine for about 15 miles. Then i used the stop button to turn it off.
After a couple of hours when i was heading off, it would not start.
After 50 pulls i finaly checked the spark plug, and there was no spark.
Took it in the garage and started killing possible faults. The throttle safety switch was fine, so was the stop button. The key igition was also fine.
So i measured ohm on all four coils. The primary circle from the ECU to the coil was fine on all four.
Then i measured the secondary cirlce and got the correct ohms reading on all four.
So i don't think the coils seems to be the problem.
In my opinion, it seems most likely to be either the ECU or the magnetor.
Ohm reading on both timing sensors seems to be ok.
I am not sure what omh reading i should have or how to measure it, from the charge coil.
I measured 30 volts coming out of the charge coil but i'm not sure what values it should have.
Read somewhere on the forum about a ground wire underneath the gas tank. However i'm not sure what to check with that.

Help much appreciatedNot worthy:
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