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New to the forum in search of answers and solution. I got an '07 cat 500 4x4 manual with about 160hrs. on it. Belonged to a gentleman that used it to drive up and down a small community where he lived. He used it for a few years then parked in his garage and sat till 2019.

He then gave the bike to is nephew who according to him, put new fuel lines, cleaned carb and new spark plug. He wasnt really interested in keeping the bike because he wanted a flats boat, and thats when i come in and picked it up. Turned on very good, did noticed the idle was a smidge high, i just assumed few turns of a screw would do the trick. I test drive it, everything checked out. Brakes where good, shifted good, no smoke at all just needed few rubber bushing in rear shockes and rubber bushing for steering.

When i got home, on right side of carb had a cable with knob which was the idle adjustment. Backed it off a little and idle got smoother. Perfect. Ran good for about 4 months. After it would sit for about a week, it would be hard to start it having to pump the gas for about 10 seconds while cranking then it would start. After the first start, it would turn on and off no problem.

After several weeks of that, then it would bog down and shut off while in idle not while driving it only when it sits and idles. That when on for a few weeks then decided to drain fuel bowl from carb. Some black stuff and maybe a few drops of water idk. Got carb cleaner and blew through drain hole and collected it back. Did that till it came back clean. The initial start was still hard starting but the bogging pretty much stopped for few months then it did it again. So repeated process again with similar results, some black stuff but no water. Worked good for few more months then bogging started again. But this time no black stuff came out. Was relatively clean and it still was bogging while left in idle for few minutes. I checked spark plug, it was a little black on the tip. Then i noticed that when it would bog down almost shutting off and give it some gas to keep it on, it would blow some black smoke.

I went ahead and replaced fuel line from tank to fuel pump and added inline fuel filter. Also added some seafoam to tank, and did the spray seafoam through intake horn. Smoked like crazy. Did that for an hour. It idled fairly good for several minutes. Drove it around for 5 mins. Stopped and let it idle for few minutes and then started bogging really bad.What could it be, open float needle, bad choke? Should i just replace carb? Aftermarket carb or oem which is very expensive? Rebuild the carb? I dont think its lack of fuel, too much fuel? Please help.
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