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just bought an '06 panther 570 with 1500 miles on it. the sled has sat unridden for two years. after i got it home i noticed that the brake handle, when squeezed, has a little fluid leak past the plunger up in the brake handle assembly. is this just an "o" ring fix or do i need to buy the whole master cylinder handle part. also- it looks as if it had been trailered with no cover and there is some "scaling" build up on the carb towers(where the barrels go up and down) and some other minor rust elsewhere that needs to be tended to due to the salt road grime sitting on everything under the hood. is there a good effective way to clean all that? i plan on a good carb clean before riding it next year plus a good once over on the sled. anything else to watch out for on these sleds? this is my first 2 up and 5th sled in the garage.

2001 z120
1999 z370
2006 panther 570
1994 yammy phazer II
2004 sxvenom 600
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