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Hey guys,

So I've gotten the new to me pipe, and with my hands on it I'm fairly certain this is indeed the pipe that belongs on my M7 (thank goodness) can't wait to get home and try it on, then count the days for snow to get it out and try to make it bog down again. Super frustrating pitching it on it's side to corner tight, stabbing the throttle blaahhhhhh... bbrrrrrrrrraaaaAAAAAAPP lean it over, big hesitation big bog, throttle starts coming around, trenches itself in.

Back to the fuel pressure Regulator question. I've located a few In-Line regulators for install outside the tank, one is an Aeromotive from an M1000, it appears to have the range required for the M7. Do I need to remove the stock regulator before I install an inline regulator if all I'm trying to do is reduce the pressure? I feel like my fuel pressure is too high because the 935BBK engine is no longer in it, and my mileage is AWFUL. 15L per 30km of easy low RPM riding seems a bit.. thirsty. A shop I spoke to suggested to check fuel pressure and ensure it wasn't too high, on further reading it looks like this regulator isn't adjustable (appears to be stock rivets)

Anyone have experience with too high of pressure?

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I'm between selling and keeping the sled but either way I'd rather not sell it with issues, I've been burned too many times.
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