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2004 660 turbo 10 000 ,kilometers

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Driving machine heard a noise then machine shut down. At first would not start and primary clutch would not rotate Thought engine was seized! Engine would not turn over. Towed machine to home. Tried Machine would not start on open throttle, turned over with kind of a popping sound. Depressed throttle fully and engine started however had to pump throttle to keep running and it has a clunking noise . Is it possible to have piston or valve trouble? Thanks
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Does the oil on the dipstick have any indication of filings on it? Pull the plugs and post a picture of each one and the cylinder it came from. If all look good pull the valve cover and check if all valves seem to be working as they should. Any play in the timing chain? Another thing with the noise it could be the turbo itself.
Thank You sir for the prompt reply and info. Checked oil and it looks and feels ok. Will pull the plugs and valve cover to have a look. Got her back in the garage now have to go out and clean up some snow we had about 20 cm last night and getting into some really good snowmobiling conditions down here. I did turn her over again and can keep it going if I pump the trottle however no revs/power and the sound is something like you would hear if you had a bent push rod. My wife was driving at the time and we were going slow on a rough ftrail she said she heard a noise like something let go and then shut off. When I took the belt off to tow it I tried the primary clutch and could not move it at all. The motor would not turn over just a click from the starter. When I got home I just tried it on the trailer and like I said it turned over and started on closed throttle. Will keep in touch. Thanks
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That doesn’t sound good at all. If you cannot turn motor you’ve got an major issue.
Sorry about the confusion It will start now however you have to close the throttle to get it to start and then pump the throttle to keep it going. It won't idle and there is no revving up or power with a clunking noise liken to a bent rod? Probably Major no matter how you look at it as would be looking at redoing the whole engine once it's taken down.
That's the way the old mop flops!! :) We've had 2 of these and a 660 Bearcat also since they came out. Really good all round machines Believe it or not we put wide ski skins on the T 660's and ran center studs down the track and I say they were used 80% off trail Thanks Tony
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