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Mine recently had a problem that kept it from starting.

The choke cable was contaminated with crap & corrosion, it caused the fuel enrichening valves to stick open. This totally flooded the engine.

The choke cable corrosion was bad enough for the two cables (after the 2-1 splitter) to get stuck in the open position... The two springs didn't have enough pressure to overcome the corrosion in the choke cable and couldn't close the valves when the handlebar choke control was released. This let the fuel pressure flow freely into the carb causing the flooded condition.

When I removed the choke valves from the carbs, corrosion-crap from the choke cable had migrated all the way to the valves too. After a thorough cleaning and lubrication of the choke cable, it seemed to work freely again. After re-assembly, the engine fired right up!

I'm not saying the choke cable is your problem. But even if it isn't the cause of your current problem, dissassemble the choke cable system, clean it all, lube it thoroughly... Because even if it isn't the source of the problem today it needs the lube to prevent corrosion and future troubles.

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