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Fire Cat F-7 Patriot STD
-1.5 degree key
-R/T can
-D&D single pipe
-02 zr 800 carbon tech reeds
-02 zr 800 reed blocks
-super heart throb clutch kit
-Ohlins shocks
-Thicker torsion springs (240 lbs)
-1.375 sno-pro track
-96 1.52 studs (ss)
-05 seat
-8in riser
-blue hood screens
-red chrome windsheild
-red rail grips
-red skid plate
-9.5 shaper bars
-!!!! 04 rear skid mounting brackets (very good geometry change)

and 3 yrs learning how to drive this rocket ship (hudge change from the zr cce's) I am having a very hard time justifying a new one of any breed. 114mph 1000 ft (give or take a couple)
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