Parting out a perfectly running and complete 2003 f7 efi.
The machine is upgraded with D&D clutching, aftermarket can, v force 3 reeds, and bar risers.
Ran great all winter.
approximately 4k miles.
Everything works including the speedometer!
Message with your needs.
I will list anything that is sold

Engine $1000
Throttle bodies $75
V Force 3 Reeds (with boots) $125
Main wiring harness $75
Complete airbox $100
Entire tail light assembly (with handle/bumper) $100
Front bumper assembly $100
Hood $150
Belly pans $150
Ignition with key $25
CDI box $200
Skis $50
Brake caliper with master cylinder $50
Front shocks $100
Rear shocks $100
Chain case $100
Driver $50
Skid parts available $offer
A-Arms complete upper&lower $100 per side
Primary clutch $100
Secondary clutch w/D&D helix $125
Gas tank $offer
Aftermarket exhaust can $125
Exhaust manifold and expansion $offer