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I have two separate problems. First, I lost the key to my ignition, so replace the ignition with a pair of rocker switches. One for the lights, one for the ignition. Worked like a charm, looked like a professional install >Pats self on back<.
I ran her for half the day, with absolutely no problems. Stopped by a friend's campsite, shut her down, three hours later, I return and she is dead in the water. No lights and no start no nothing. I do have 12 volts at both switches. Is there some sort of mains fuse somewhere?

Second, the same quad has what I beleive to be a carb problem. Fires up no problem on a cold start, or warm start. On a cold start however, I will have to run it around my house three to four times at a slow pace to warm it up, otherwise it will stall, will idle on restart, but any gas will kill it. On a cold start if I gun it and go banshee, It will stall out within one lap around my house. When it does this stalling, if I wait 10 minutes, it will fire it up. After running it for say 15 minutes, there will be absolutely no problems.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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