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2000 zl 550 electric start quit working

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Cleaned battery and starter solenoid connections charged battery starter turns but bendix shaft won’t engage flywheel to start any help on what I need to replace would be greatly appreciated I have search zl forum and not sure on correct parts to buy to repair also cleaned both pinion gears on shaft disassembled starter checked brushes all looks good.
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starter pinion gear turns but shaft is not starter pinion gear is turning the first gear on shaft but pinion gear at flywheel is not turning I see that on the the end of the shaft at flywheel there is a spiral cut on shaft which I think is supposed to send pinion out towards flywheel not sure if at the other end of shaft something is broken outer aluminum sleeve for shaft turns free but the shaft itself doesn’t turn. Looking at parts diagram didn’t help much as I don’t see a roll pin on shaft. It looks like there is a Allen screw next to starter mounting bolt not sure if that holds shaft or a bushing for shaft. Thanks in advance for the help.
Thanks I will pull it apart and check i will let you how I make out
Setup is the same as the Pantera with rubber piece on the end by the flywheel so it won’t engage flywheel at all when starter was removed I can turn gear that it engages on shaft but shaft will not turn to engage flywheel that’s why I thought there was something broken at the starter end of the shaft if I pull on rubber piece and pull that gear will engage flywheel so the rubber is what puts tension on the shaft to engage flywheelallowing that gear to engage flywheel I can see the spiral cut on shaft .
Don’t have a clutch removal tool will have to try to remove shaft assembly without pulling clutch not sure it can be done though
That is correct haven’t tried to remove it yet will let you. All know once I get it out and apart Catman said it coulee be stripped or shaft is broken have been trying to find new shaft or even good used one but no luck so far would like to have parts ready before disassembly even if I had to replace everything at least it will be repaired sled has very low mileage around 1500 miles.
Finally got back to working on sled and pulled starter and mounting bracket and discovered that gear is ok but the 2 roll pins that connect aluminum shaft to gear had broken off causing just the gear to spin inside shaft order new pins should be good once pins are installed.
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