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I recently had some issues with no spark on a 2002 arctic cat 500 fis 4x4, after all components such as stator, ignition coil spark plug and wiring were all checked to be in good working order and within spec of manual, I was down to the cdi unit.
If anyone has had issues with a cdi they know these are vary difficult to test and are vary expensive to replace , generally around $300 used to $600 new. (there are some static tests you can do with an ohm meter stated in service manual to test the cdi but the readings are fairly vague)

Since this was on an older machine, I proceeded to find a used unit on line for a fair price around $70 I thought this not a bad price to take a chance on and was assured by the seller that it was out of a previously running machine with frame damage, the problem I encountered was the machine I was working on was an automatic transmission and the cdi I received from seller was from a manual transmission.
(this was not realized until I received the cdi and saw its physical dimensions were different)

Though the dimension of the automatic cdi unit and the manual unit were different the connector configuration for the wiring harness and the stator appeared to be the same, I therefore assumed they would be simple plug and play so I connected my gently used manual cdi unit to my automatic atv wiring harness in hopes of seeing glorious and magical spark from the spark plug upon cranking. this sadly was not the case, no spark was to be had.

Being a no quit type of fellow I started comparing wiring diagrams from both the automatic transmission atv and manual transmission and this is what i found!

Remove: PRPL, RY, GRYBLU, and BLU wires from 8 pin connector, properly separate these conductors and tape independently of each other in a appropriate manner.
(I used shrink tube over each conductor i removed from harness)

REMOVE: ORG wire and plug it into the connector pin position that used to have the PRPL wire.

plug the reconfigured connector into the cdi unit and test for spark!
you should now have a firing spark plug if all other components checked out ok

You may be able to plug other wires back into connector but I did not try it in fear of damaging cdi unit.

Note: in this configuration your indicator panel will only show neutral position it will no longer display fwd, rev or temp indicator lamps

so far from testing and running there are no noticeable differences in the timing curve of these cdi units this atv is running happily!

Here are some pics of specs and wiring that helped me tremendously.


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