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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am really green to the kids size stuff.

I bought my kids a zr120 this year and they love it, problem is 2 kids and 1 machinge = "dad needs to buy another sled". Here is my thinking:
The 120 I have is bone stock short of a new clutch I put in and keep that for my 4 year old
Buy new sled for my 7 year old
In two years move the 7 year old up to a full size and the 4 year old to what ever I buy for the 7 year old and sell the stock 120

I am looking at two options for the 7 year old, I found a ZR120 with a honda 200 motor in it, stock otherwise, for $1800 and the guy is firm on price. I also found a stock 120 for $900 in as good a condition. So my question is, do I double down on the 200 or go for the stock 120 and throw a performance kit at it for another $300? I always worry about "motor swaps" and getting away from what was stock, which do you guys think will get the kids around better? They will never be racing these so sanctioning rules are not a concern, just strait trail riding around the house.

Thanks for your input!
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