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1999 Arctic Cat 500 - Temp sensor replacement

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I noticed my ATV started to overheat pretty quick after riding. I tested the fuses and those were good. I hooked up 12V directly to the fan motor and the fan kicked on, so thats good. I unplugged the radiator temperature sensor and shorted the connector (stuck 1 wire in each end to complete the circuit) and the fan turned on. I cleaned all of the connections there, plugged back the wires, and got the engine up to operating temperature and the fan never turned on.

This leads me to believe that the radiator temperature sensor is shot. I've tried to look around and the only one I can find is on ebay for around $80.... Are there any others that are compatible with this or should I just bite the bullet?
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I did some looking around and the sensor for your year is sold out on all the OEM sites. I also did not find any aftermarket sensors. I'd recommend buying what you think will fit and hope it works out
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