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454 dvx 400 carb swap

well guys she lives!!!!!!!!! no visible smoke at idle but im not happy with the oil cloud behind me under any kind of acceleration load on the engine or not:angry:.i still wanna check compression but have to wait to buy a tester.i can definately feel the responsiveness of this dvx carb and there seems to be plenty of power even with all the smoke.i hope that is just valve seals and not cylinder or piston and ring wear.anyway it looks like i more or less ripped all the body of for nothing.#dammit# so now i get to put it all back and there has been miscellanious bolts replaced with the wrong hardware after noticing factory hardware missing,because we use our quads as tools for the job cause we close abandoned mines for the mine reclamation program here in colorado!looks like i just had one valve a little to tight.i adjusted them all one more time hooked up the gas tank let it fill the carb bowl and choked it and it started up pretty good.thanks for the suggestions guys.have fun and keep those cats purrin'!!!Cat happyRockerdude

Artic cat bear 4x2 bear
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[QUOTE = "raven437, postagem: 2463637, membro: 125913"]
Fotos do gatinho dos meus amigos.
Mudlites de 28 "(28x10 dianteiro, 28x12 traseiro)
Espaçadores de roda de 1 "elevação, 1,5"
Carboidrato de fábrica substituído por DVX400 Carb (ajustado profissionalmente)
Filtro de ar KNN / Watersock
Perf. escape
Acelerador de torção / interruptor do motor (corda)
faróis de fábrica substituídos por lâmpadas LED de 12w.
Blindagem de alumínio instalada sob pára-lamas.
Nova tampa do assento, tanque de combustível extra de 4 galões, medidor de temperatura do líquido de arrefecimento em linha.
Vou postar alguns vídeos e mais detalhes em breve, se alguém com esses gatos mais velhos estiver interessado em alguns dos obstáculos que enfrentamos em relação ao carb e ao escapamento.

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It turns the 28's fairly well. Here is a video of him trying to climb a wet clay hill with them. Decent amount of wheel speed for a 454.

Clay hillside - YouTube

This video was taken before the wheel spacers, lift, and carb were replaced. Mostly just stock bearcat with 28's
Photos of my friends' bearcat.
28" Mudlites (28x10 front, 28x12 rear)
1" Lift, 1.5" wheel spacers
Factory carb replaced with DVX400 Carb, (professionally tuned)
KNN air Filter/Watersock
Perf. exhaust
Twist throttle/engine killswitch (lanyard)
factory headlights replaced with 12w LED lamps.
Aluminum shielding installed under fenders.
New seat cover, extra 4gallon fuel tank, in-line coolant temp gauge.
Ill post some videos and more details soon if anyone with these older cats is interested in some of the hurdles we went through regarding the carb and exhaust.

where did u get the lift kit? Been looking forever for one
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