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Hey fellas,

First post. This issue is driving me bonkers. Any help is appreciated! I've done some reading around here and seen some great info however I'm missing something.

Spark plug test with them out and good ground - beautiful sparks. Throw them back in, sled starts right up. Dies shortly after sometimes, sometimes not.

Pull them out for test - no sparks. Fiddle with throttle lever till sparks again. Starts up sometimes.

Been going back and forth trying different throttle positions and all. Just can't get consistency.

Anyone solve this issue? 1996 ZRT 600.
Have tried jumping the 2 non yellow wires on the 4 prong connector with no joy. Can't see to find the 3 prong connector that keeps coming up on the forums. Unless it's literally the one in the kill switch assembly. Could be old wiring, bad ground, circuit not closing consistently.

-New Coils
-New Spark Plugs

Thanks fellas. 馃憡馃憡

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You posted in the atv tires and wheels area. I will move this to the sled forums

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I had that happen to me. Not saying that is it but take the brown wire from CDI and cut the end off. Solder (preferably) or crimp a new end on and clean the area to be grounded and try that. Those ends will corrode inside with white stuff and can't be seen. Vibration and movement of wires and hoses will make it cut in and out speraticaly.
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