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Hello I have recently bought a 1996 zr 700 and I was wondering if there is any common problems with them or anything I should replace/go over before winter comes this year. It has 4,000 miles on it and was completely rebuilt 300 miles ago. Thanks for any help!!!

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pretty sure there wasnt a 96 zr 700. you sure you dont have a 95? can you define completely rebuilt (just did the engine or other things on the sled)?

i dont think there were many common problems with the exception of tss. most issues are preventative maintenance related or lack there of:

inspect drive clutch very close and replace worn components or entire clutch
inspect driven clutch and replace worn components
drive and jack shaft bearings, when were they last replaced?
clean and inspect carbs, verify jetting
inspect carb boots for cracks
inspect rear suspension bushings and grease
check compression
when were shocks last serviced?
fix any exhaust leaks

post pictures of your sled
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