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Good Day.

I bought my 1996 454 4X4 Bearcat new way back then and still own it. I mostly use it for chores and snow plowing around the acreage. This thing has been bullet proof since day one, however, has been a bit cranky on a couple of occasions this winter.

It starts great, and idles as it should. After about 100 yards down the driveway, it looses power with the throttle on. I release the throttle, and it idles normally. I hit the gas, it will not rev up, and will backfire whenever I hit the throttle. Will not move an inch either.

This scenario continues for about 4-5 minutes, then it will quit doing it, and run perfect until I am done with it. This includes about 2 hours of plowing snow after the fact....I dunno

This machine has done this twice now this winter.

I have a shop manual but cannot find this cause in the troubleshooting section.

After the first time, I suspected gas issues. I cleaned the bowl, and put carb cleaner in the tank. While at it, replaced the spark plug.

Next time I plowed snow it ran good....2 days ago it did not, and had the above noted issues similar to the first time it did it this winter. So the problem is intermittent.

First time ever this machine has acted up. This unit is always stored in a heated garage during the winter. Always been maintained. Basically drive it around the yard most of the year, so it doesn't sit for any extended period of time.

It would be appreciated if someone could steer me in the right direction on this one...Thank You very much.

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