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1994 ZR580 Carbed NEED HELP

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Hey all my name is Dave. I am chasing a sled gremlin to no avail and have exhhuasted everything I can think and read to no avail so I thought I would hit the knowledge base.
The first thing I would like to find if possible is the wiring diagrams. Is my only option to buy a manual? I used to have such luck in the past with finding them online.
So my issue is not an uncommon one, however the causes can be vast. Often I my sled will bog and not get up to clutch engagement RPM I also have been toasting my head and tail light.
I have extensively cleaned and recleaned the carbs, synced the carbs, I have replaced the voltage regulator, I have ohmed out the stator and tested the voltage which all seem to be in acceptable range, I have gone over and over the harness and even rewired parts of it that pass though with the cooling lines. checked and regapped plugs, spark looks bright, when I do the bypass at the four prong plug from the stator I have same result. I think that most of it.
Any more ideas, diagrams**, advice would be hugely appreciated. I love this sled and want to fix it.
I also have one other question for the experts, when I remove the plug for the voltage regulator I get continuity to groud from both the yellow and the brown wire... This does not seem right at all. I i check it at the stator I get nothing shorted to ground.
I know this is a book, just want to be through so I am not wasting too much time.
Thanks for reading.
P.S. can the stator possible create a short to ground bypassing my regulator when its hot and fry my lamps??
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well the bogging can be clutching also.
what have you done with the clutches and your belt?
what is compression?
i would suspect stator, what are readings cold and hot?
What are the stator readings when it is running bad and when it is completely cold?
You put in a stator kevin rewind or new arctic cat?
Well send you old stator to kev.
Pull the junk new one out and send it back to them.
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