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Hello Everyone!

I have a sled for my daughter Alex (11) and need some helpful information for getting it prepped up for the coming season. First I have some things that I started to replace are the suspension ( 2 -new leaf springs, sliders, nuts/bolts replace), Ski (left ski replacement w/ carbides, plastic ski bushing. Shocks have seen there better days though there still doing the trick. Note this sled is not an all day trail-rider. Last year I had some problems w/ the carbs and spark plug boots, so i cleaned the carbs and replaced the spark plugs and boots for the plugs. Towards the end of last year I seemed to not get alot of upfffh out of the sled so I think it had to do something with suspension track areas as well as the ski w/ the giant whole in it. It would do this when you sat on the snowmobile tiself to begin to ride. FYI engine sounded fine and was pushing not to hard.

I do need some help though on the following items:

Seat material replacement

(Removed seat found the wood moist though cushion part was in fair condition and material worn. Believe I just need to make new wood template for replacement. Where can I get the material for the seat cushion though? Any how-too steps out there as well?)


Where is the area? (Towards the end of last season we statered to noitice some play in the braking. Have not checked the disc. IS there a fluid area I should be lookin for?

Any Other things I should be investigating before I go out this season, would be greatly appreciated.
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