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Buy a bolt the same size and threads as your puller about 3 inches long.Cover the threads with 2 0r 3 layers of teflon tape(white plumbers tape) making sure it is wound so it wont come off when you thread it on.Tilt your sled on its side and fill your clutch with Hydraulic oil (power steering or tranny oil is good),Then screw on your bolt.Keep on screwing till it gets really tight making sure the oil is not coming out through the thread.Sometimes it pops out just by screwing the bolt in and if not take out your small propane torch and heat your clutch shaft slowly.The oil will build pressure and your clutch will pop off.Make sure to stand aside sometimes she'll pop of pretty strong.I have been doing this for years now and is the best way to remove a clutch.Never any damage.
Grabed from another post. But i do it thas way on all of my sleds and like it says never a problem
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