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Hello everyone 👋
Bought the 2017 Alterra in 18
Has very very little use. Always kept indoors. C
I've had a few things go wrong. The plastic melted away above the exhaust. Warranty fixed. Had 3 head bulbs burn out $$$
little man tipped it for the first time an hour in this year. Flipped up right away. But didn’t fire.
notice bulb on bottom of air box had oil in it.
Cleaned box, and nothing. Will start and run by coving air box intake. But SMOKES and smokes even if you warmed up. Not as bad.
Will start hot. But never stops smoking. And kinda boggy till hot.
could it be choke ??
they are back ordered for a month everywhere.
can I take apart and clean electric choke ?
good idea ?
bad idea.
this chat room is a great idea !

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