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I am running a X-1 kit with 70 gram adjustables and speedwerx 165/305 spring.

Setup worked well with stock 1.5 cobra track but, now with 1.5 attack 20 I am getting belt slip on the topend and primary isn't shifting out.

I started off this weekend with my 70 gram adjustable with 2 grams in the tip. I was over reving at 8200 and change so I started throwing weight at it. Added over 4 grams which put me at just over 76 grams and my RPM didn't change but, belt did come up a bit in the primary.

Just wondering if I should keep throwing weight at it? That is already 9 grams over stock (which was really light) but, still 6 grams more than the 11 CF 8 had.

Idealy a lighter finishing rate on the secondary spring would work best however, when I use the lighter secondary spring for X-1 kit it bogs really bad out of the hole. I am going to try shim the spring to get rid of bottom end bog but, worried about spring bind with too many shims...

Has anyone tried an XS belt on the CF 800ho? I am thinking about trying one since it is softer and stickier however, worried about the belt not holding up....

I could also gear down however, I don't want to be running 57/63 gearing...

Any other ideas?

My buddy is using pretty much same setup in his CF 700 with 1.75" track and it is working perfect only thing is he is running XS belt. That is what really has me stumped because he is running bigger track same gearing and clutching and 20 less HP and isn't running into any belt slip issues.

Thanks, Shane
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