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Just wondering if anyone has some good experiences on any Sk Rallies last year. I just bought a sled this year and will be heading out with my son who bought his sled a couple years ago. What are some real fun Rallies? Thanks
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i go to lots it all depends on what kind of riding you like and how far you are willing to drive

unity has lots of big hills is always a good time big prizes they usually give away a sled there
blaine lake is always fun good mix there
tway north of walkaw has really good hospitality and a good ride
asquith has at least one where they ride out to eagle creek and back its normally good
then there are smaller ones at alot of the small towns like allan dundern waldhiem laird
candle lake has one they make a weekend out of it costs 100 bucks though but gets you about 5 meals i think

theres more but thats all i can think of now

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That is what I figured, lots of choices. Mind you that is a good thing. Thanks for al the recommends. Unity sounds like a good one.
Talk to you later...gotta go to work!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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