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This is a buddies sled, I've told him to post here, but I don't believe he has. But his sled has had this issue for two years now.

When you hammer on it it takes off pretty well, but then it sounds like grabbing gears on a motorcycle. It's not that CVT type where you punch it and it goes to max rpm and just keeps gaining speed. It limits his speed (beyond 50mph), but then just starts sounding like it's bouncing off redline (it isn't though). And the longer you hold it open it will keep gaining speed each time it bounces back against it.

His plugs look fine, he installed a power valve delete kit (both his cables were shot and he didn't want to spend $160 on new ones), new belt, his secondary has some issues so swapped one from a good running sled. There's always been the question of injectors or ECU, but problem is there's 3 different sets of those and the two 09 Crossfires in our riding group have different injector/ecu pairs.We've all tried searching, can't find a single post of anything talking about an issue like this for any sled ever made.

Found posts about surging and such, but never anyone describing it like this, they describe theirs as being down on power and such. This doesn't feel down on power, it just feels like it's bouncing off an RPM wall and each time it does it'll push that wall a bit farther. Someone out there has to have run into this, any ideas?
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