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Hey all, had my 650 for a couple years now. It turned into a glorified lawn mower with the occasional huntin trip or trail ride and that's about it, sadly.
Well, looks like I'll be getting some real use out of it this year now, moving to AK for a cpl years, and remember reading up on a few things that really help out this machine.
Sanny's steering mod or bushings. Are these still available? What to do to the stock bushings if not getting the new ones? It steers like a friggin lumber wagon. Have the OE tires now, but gonna need to get something more agressive so steering effort will just get worse.
Clutching on it sucks. Have heard PSC or Dalton clutch kits? Link possible? It'll be lower altitude, 0-6k ft. I'm more of a sled guy, dont want to dseign my own clutch kit for the quad.
Jetting? Being a 2s person, I know 4s aren't as affected by jetting. It runs fine. Bought it where it was high alt (8-11k ft), ran fine. Runs fine at low alt now too, but any real gains here?

Apologize for all the questions but don't really have the hours to research everything and I'm sure some of you guys have done all this stuff already and know it like the back of your hand, so any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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