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07 Phazer GT vs 06 F5 Sno Pro?

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Well as some of you know i won a phazer this past weekend and im now looking at either keeping it or trading for an F5. I'd like to know which is overall a better sled, I like riding on groomed trails a fair bit but I also do a lot of running around on the MX track here or up in the old iron mine where theres a million different pits, sort of like a freestyle terrain park in a way lol. So what do you guys think I should do? take the Phazer becasue of the new top of the line technology plus dependability or go with the F5 sno pro for a bit more power and the better suspension set-up? Any input on this would be appreceated along with helping me pick :site:
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drive it like you stole it!!! since it was free, use some money to upgrade the power, then you will have a great machine, one of my friends have one and it is a lot of fun to drive!
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