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06 650 v2 front seal (driveshaft) replacement.

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Just noticed the front seal where the driveshaft connects to the front diff is leaking. I already have to replace the front right seal and found which is a huge help but I can't seem to find how to separate the front driveshaft from the diff.

Can anyone give me pointers?

Also once the driveshaft is removed, does the seal just need to be pried out or are other steps needed?

Thank You!
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It's a bit of an annoyance. Not complicated, just tight areas to work in. You would think that such a problem-prone area (the differentials) would be easier to work on. The rear isn't bad, but the front is a pain in the ass at times.

There are 3 star head bolts that hold the driveshaft to the differential. You'll need to remove them. There are also 3 smaller star bolts that hold the actuator to the differential, it helps to remove them and the actuator as well.

Now unbolt your differential (two bolts, 13mm head and 17mm sockets I believe) so you can slide it forward and the driveshaft back. Once the driveshaft is disconnected from the front differential you can now put the new seal in.

The seal is a paper seal and wont' last long. You're honestly better off just using silicone or an RTV sealant.
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Not completely removed, just moved up so you can put the seal there. You won't really have to remove the driveshaft either if you can sneak the seal in between them without tearing it.

I usually have the diff out as there's always something wrong with it. When it's out I just go ahead and put RTV around the output for the pinion gear (where the factory seal goes).
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