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2006 250 Utility
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Hello - I am in the UK and just picked up an 06 250 Utility that had a seized engine and is missing some parts along with the wiring being severely mucked about with.

I own a few other quads so am not unfamiliar with how to work on them, but this one is making me tear my hair out!
I have unseized the engine using a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone (freed in less than 24 hours and no shifting back and forth - just unfroze!) - this despite being told the previous owner had seized it due to letting it run out of oil! - there are no horrible grinding noises and I am getting about 100psi at the moment on a compression test using the pull start. The electric start does not work at the moment and shorting out the solenoid connectors gets it going but it only seems to whirr. The push button start is not activating but the wiring has been played about with severely and I also can not locate the emergency stop switch! - all my other quads have one and the books mention one but I just can't locate it. There is a big black potted box in the rear by the fuse/battery bay but it seems to have a white multi way connector for it but no key way to orient the connections - in addition there are a couple of smaller black connectors which have nothing on them. I am used to other quads having odd spare connectors but wonder if one might be for a relay? Has anyone any photos of their bays they are willing to share? I am missing the fuel filler cap, the oil filler cap, one of the rear indicator covers and the rear light cover - without paying stupid shipping fees like $68 to ship from the USA for an oil filler cap, has anyone suggestions what might fit that I can obtain in the UK?

Thanks for reading and I hope someone might be able to shed some light on this poor butchered machine!
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