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hi new here to the site so ill say a little about my sled....

05 f7 efi diamond drive
v-force 3 reeds
air box upgrade
shaved heads
d&d y pipe and can
06 secondary clutch
green spring in primary runs on 044 belt
adjustable fuel pressure regulator set at 44 psi
141 studs 1.325
six inch bar riser

these things all done when i bought the sled i hanvt done any of it myself sled runs like a beast .... set up 660 on ice and whooped up on ski-doo 1000 machz f8 f1000 zrt800 and zr800 and yamaha rx1 very happy with that ....

now issues and problems i am having

so i was away this past week and did 350 miles of trail rideing upstate ny and on out last day i ran into a problem.... my pull start/recoil exploded and broke.... anyone ever have this problem?
and it seems that the sled is pulling nice and hard off the start but gets to 7000 rpm and comes down to 6000 for a sec then reves up to 7800-8000 what could be the issue here? like a mid range dead spot....then pulls hard up top never had this problem till like 2 weeks ago.
thanks for the help
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