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Hi I ride an 800 rev but my bro in law just picked up an 04 king cat 900 efi
On its maden voyage the coil went bad about 2 miles from the trailer, we figured out what was wrong and got that fixed. During this attemp to fix it the fuel started to not want to make it to the cylinders. we could pour gas into the cylinders and it would start and run for a few seconds but then die. we can jump the fuel pump to get it going and it will start 2 or 3 times after being jumped but that is it. The previous owner replaced the pump about a month ago and now it seems to be bad again?????? I cant belive that the pump would go out so quickly after being replaced. Tomorow we are going to pull the pump and see if we can find anything out of place. I will look for bad wires, and brittle broken hoses but anything else you can think of the might help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Maverick
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