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2004 Arctic Cat 400
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@Farmn You can use other oils, just ensure the oil is JASO-MA certified or better for motorcycle wet clutches. The oil filter for an 04 cat 400 is used on most cats except a 650V2. you can also get an oil filter for a Suzuki Eiger 400.

There is a large cross reference of oil filters compatible available on this site.

The 04 400 fan will hardly run at all on a cool day unless you are really beating that machine. My 04 400 used to only run for a small periods in the day ever. I have a writeup on here about wiring a fan bypass switch so you can force your fan on early if you're going to be riding hard. it's a very easy process I just don't want to type it again

10 40w oil or 0-40 in the winter for this machine. All cat dealers are declaring that cat has moved all their new machines to 15/50 and will only supply and carry 15/50 once the 10/40 supply runs out. I started buying my oil from Suzuki for that reason.

The 04 400 engine is a suzuki engine, i personally don't agree with Arctic Cat engineers telling me that Suzuki's engine will be happy running 15/50 in all weathers, when suzuki still specs 10/40 or 0/40 when it's cold out.
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