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Ok, so a dealer serviced the apv's adjusted cables and cleaned. Got sled back and first ride the check eng light flashes, 6 times, Servo Motor. Well checked the harness coming from sled and have power at RD/BLK and BLK/WHT wires, can ground the orange and kill engine. Put 12v to the RD/BLK and BLK/Rd wires on servo motor and it turns, reverse and it turns back. Nothing else from any other wires on harness or servo motor. Try getting SM to cycle and it will not, even with no cables attached. Got new motor and still nothing, Valves are in right, adjusted cables, which were pretty much there from dealer. Can turn the SM with cables installed to the open position and run the sled with no Check engine light, and it runs about 95% normal.

Read some things about bad wire from Voltage Regulator. Where in the heck is the VR on this thing????

Any other ideas or suggestions???

Just noticed on the parts fiche, that there is a APV harness going into the ECU. My F7 has nothing plugged into the ECU on that side, just on the main harness side, the left side plug is empty???? Should I have some kind of harness going to the ECU on that side??
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