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I am new to ATVS but halfway mechanical and am having issues with my clutch. I have a 03 400 manual AC with 27 inch ITP swamplites. It only has 400 miles on it. I just bought this rig a few months ago.
When shifting into 2nd or 3rd gear(most noticable on those gears) it seems that the clutch is slipping. The motor revs and the bike will go but it takes a few seconds for it to actually engage and bite. I have no problems in the mud in low range as far as spinning the tires but its most noticable riding in high just normal driving.
I went to adjust the clutch and I stripped screw #2 and screw #1 I cant even turnclockwise. It was really hard turning counterclockwise as the directions state to do but once it stopped I cant even turn it back clockwise the 1/8 of the turn that the manual says to do.
Obviously I am going to have to pull the crankcase to repair the stripped bolt but does anyone have any suggestions on what parts I will need to repair the clutch slippage??
Has anyone ever had to replace screw #2 or had the problem of not being able to turn screw #1?? Please help!! Thanks in advance
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