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Just an FYI I had a bad experience with a 2016 Bearcat 3000. Had to go through heartache for each of the recalls, expecially the wiring harness recall. After they 'FIXED" it my sled lost display and lights on the trail due to them forgetting to tape up a unused connector.

Then it overheated 25 miles out on the trail, puked all its antifreeze out. Taking the covers off you could not see where the leak was. Tow back to town and another trip to the dealer and they said it was a hose clamp that came loose.. Cant even see the hose or the clamp from just taking the covers off. Its gone and now I have an older Yami Rage with a flip up hood and easy access to everything. Im going to avoid all vendors star wars shaped sleds till there are no good used old style sleds to buy.

~ PHil

Yeah, I hear you. That darn wiring harness issue. I had never had any issues with mine at all but when I found out about the recall, I ordered the harness anyway. I asked to install it myself because the factory gives the dealer 2 hours to do that job and that makes the technician have to hurry. I knew I could do a much better job myself so they agreed to just give me the harness last spring and I installed it complete which took me 8 hours. A big job to say the least. I compared the new one to the old one and they were identical. There is no need to replace those unless they have failed. Some have experienced wires breaking but something in the assembly of those particular sleds must have contributed to the breakage that needs to be solved before putting in a new one.

So you probably got all the bugs out of your bearcat before letting someone else have it. I can't imagine much more going wrong with it but you never know. When I was first looking at purchasing mine, I was surprised to see that the hood didn't flip up and questioned why it was built with that POD configuration and the dealer half heartedly told me that there was no need to look inside as there were no user service procedures inside. I got used to the idea after a while but rest assured, I do take it off to do preventive maintenance checks before the season starts.
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