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  1. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    Just bought myself a zr800 for a fun cheap and reliable sled, but in order to keep up with friends and family on new sleds i might have to extend the track length... What is the best way to extend a zr800? does a mountain/king cat boogie fit on a zr chassis? look the same from distance but Im...
  2. M Series/Mountain Cat Pre 2011
    I'm currently looking at purchasing a used 2010 HCR M8. The sled has 764 miles on it along with a couple upgrades. The front shocks have been upgraded to Z Broz EXIT shocks and the 153" track was replaced with a 162" track. The track is a 2.5" Challenger Extreme track (the older version with...
1-2 of 2 Results