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  1. Turbo 4 Stroke Performance
    Okay guys first post here, this spring is picked up a 2015 zr9000 and just recently have been prepping it for the season. TD 3 stage tune with anti lag, new plugs cr9eb gapped .020, new fuel filter, oil change, gear oil change, and IAC cleaned. However the sled will idle fine up to temp but once...
  2. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    Hey Everyone! Ive been having an issue the past 2 seasons. It occurs at road crossings, sharp corners or any instance where the sled comes down from high RPMs. Coming off the throttle into the low end, as soon as I give it some gas to accelerate, the sled just bogs down and stops. If I pull...
  3. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    My wife's ZR3000 periodically sputters or bogs down when she hits the throttle. It doesn't stall and after releasing the throttle and trying again, takes off fine like nothing happed. Any ideas?
  4. F Series Twin Spar Chassis 07-20
    My 2008 F1000 SP throttle is cutting out when throttle is let off and put back on. Typically happens when throttle is cut for a corner or stop and when I apply throttle again engine cuts out. If I continue to give throttle during this engine will stall. If I let off throttle and wait a second or...
  5. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    I have a carburated ZR 580 that I restored and rebuilt the top end. It ran great for 100 miles and just stopped running at 50 mph. Dealer service put in a rebiult stator, it started fine but they didnt test run it. when I got it it had no smoke and would run right. Took it back and they said the...
  6. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Hi I just got a 98 Bear Cat 454 4x4 from a friend it was not running when i got. We had it in some mud it died never started again and sat for about 2 yrs. Soon as i got it I emptied the gas tank put new gas changed the oil. I pulled the carb off took it apart and cleaned it good i have plenty...
1-6 of 6 Results